About SJP Shelters

SJP Shelters was found in 2019.Our values define us, guide us in our relationships with our clients, and influence our decisions.Our overall goal is to provide quality,cost-efficient projects that leave a positive experience for our clients. Our values are
  • Transparancy
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Economical

Who We Are

SJP Shelters has a great team of talented, skilled and efficient architects, engineers, masons and staff.Our group grasps the objectives and vision of the client and are focused on achieving them in the assessed time. We, collectively, are exceptionally devoted and earnest in offering brilliant administrations, which allows us to handle your projects from the start till the end.We periodically analyze ourselves and continuously improve our processes, practices and service. Our individuals have strong sense of belonging to the team and the organisation and are headed to exceed all expectations.

What We do